Camilo Perez

Camilo Perez

Camilo was born in Honda, Tolima, Colombia. He moved to the United States when he was in his late teens.

The first time he was given a pencil as a child, Camilo began drawing.

As an artist, expressing creativity takes shape in the form of line drawings. Camilo uses colors as a form of expression, and gets his inspiration from nature all around him.

Camilo’s body of work usually includes abstract designs that are colorful, complex and structured.
The artworks are, for the most part, executed in watercolors and ink on embossed paper. The lay out concept is fragmented to simulate the effect of a stained glass design.

Camilo’s work reflects life's complexity and diversity.   Each element of his artwork is a separate building block, yet an important part to a larger structure.
Camilo believes this is the role of each human being in society.

Camilo offers his work as framed originals as well as on T-shirt’s.

Camilo has participated in events such as Chicago’s Halsted Street Market Days 2010, 2011, 2012, and Andersonville’s Midsummer Fest 2013,2014, as well as DAAS Gallery’s Second Saturdays event, since November 2016.

When Camilo isn’t creating art, he enjoys outdoor activities such as bicycling, rollerblading, sailing, and power boating.

More recently Camilo traveled Peru to visit the Incas historical site called the  Machu Picchu . His favorite place to visit is Amsterdam, where he likes to visit art museums such as the Rijks.