Artist Membership Information

Here are the contents of our basic Artist Membership Agreement. To fill-out an updated application, please visit our gallery located at 1400 Colonial Blvd STE 84 (Royal Palm Square) in Fort Myers, FL. For general information, please call us at 239-590-8645.

Join Us!

Thank you for your interest in DAAS CO-OP Art Gallery & Gifts. This information is for professional artists who may be interested in becoming active members of our gallery. Membership is open to professional artists and fine crafts persons living and working in southwest Florida and surrounding areas. Our gallery is artist-operated and focusing on the quality of artworks and exquisite presentations. As the gallery membership grows, we hope to continue evolving as new artists will join and bring their unique creativity to the space.

How this gallery works

This gallery is a member/cooperative space. Every member artist is involved in the day-to-day operations of the gallery from press, marketing, hanging, painting, replacing bulbs, gardening, dusting, cleaning, etc. What will make this gallery look amazingly attractive and most of all, successful will be the hard work, creativity, persistence of every member. Active participation by all members is essential to the success of our gallery. Members will also be responsible for working in the gallery at least one day of the month. Do keep in mind that you may be the best promoter and seller of your work. Consistent and continuous presence in the gallery may result in more opportunities to promote and sell your own pieces. During the day, tasks such as handling inquiries, sales transactions, and basic daily duties will be performed by the working artist(s). A monthly schedule will be created in order to secure coverage during business hours. There is an established artist management, who is responsible for handling the “books,” and take care of the legal matters of the space. In addition, all proposed changes that affect performance, presentation, economics and finances or overall aesthetics of the space, are solely decided by the management artists.



Fine artists or crafts persons residing in southwest Florida and surrounding areas are eligible to apply for membership. At least twice a year, we will display the work of other international and/or emerging artists, in combination with some of the member artists. We do this to enhance the gallery’s recognition and to allow member artists to exhibit alongside other established artists and network. All the artwork must be original, recent, handmade, and different from other works in exhibit. Once established, we will advise future members stop in and visit in person to see if they will be a good fit for our space. They can chat with one of our member artists to get a feel for what we are looking for. As member artists, we ask that you provide an honest critique of their work, but never discourage. Remember, the managing artists of the gallery will make all final decisions.

Getting In

Each application must be submitted along with a non-refundable fee of $35. There is no limit in the amount of images or information submitted. At the initial stage of this endeavor, the managing artists will review all submissions and begin selecting the most established and experienced artists. The top five selectees will become part of the selecting committee for the rest of the membership. Being a member of the selecting committee is voluntary. The managing artist will select/replace any selecting committee artist not willing or wishing to participate.

The cost of the membership is as follows:

  • $125.00 per month for working artists

  • $295.00 per month for Non-working artist

  • Payment of the membership is due every first day of the month, with a $25.00 late fee for every 5-calendar days of non-payment

    The gallery reserves the right to deduct the membership fee from any artist commission upon the sale of artwork, however, we prefer check or credit card payment as scheduled for every artist.

    Prospective members must submit the following:

  • Completed application (enclosed)

  • Resume/ bio, artist’s statement or printed examples of their work (we recommend 6-10 images)

  • Price list, website link

  • Two references

    Submissions can be done via email or as a printed portfolio. In order to avoid overwhelming the selecting committee, reviews of new submissions will be done only from April to September of every year. If any prospective member has or needs a special display for their work (i.e. cases, pedestals, electricity, etc.) please let us know at the time of the application. If they have photos of such displays, they should submit with the application. All applicants will be notified of our decisions no later than October 10th of every year.

    If your application is approved, the selecting committee will get in touch with you to help get your work transitioned into the gallery. The first membership payment will be due on the first day of the current month, retroactively (if applicable).

    A membership agreement for a minimum duration of one year is required. However, the artist management reserves the right to terminate any agreement due to, but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate/unprofessional behavior
  • Failure to pay membership timely (3 occurrences)
  • Failure to comply with gallery work, as scheduled, without consent from gallery management (3 occurrences)
  • Theft
  • Customer complaint (3 occurrences)
  • Poor artwork quality (artist will be given one opportunity to fix, redo, etc.)

What is the artists’ commission?

Member Working Artist commission is 80%, with a 20% to the gallery fund.

Member Non-Working Artist commission is 80%, with a 20% to the gallery fund.

Non-Member guest-artist commission is 60%, with 40% to the gallery fund.

What we ask of our members (working artists)

Membership in the DAAS CO-OP is a privilege and as such comes with certain expectations and responsibilities. The gallery will be a wonderful way to showcase and sell your work, but members must never forget that they are the ones expected to keep the business running. Working members may work one or two days a month, on a full shift**. All members are encouraged to attend monthly general meetings to keep up to date on gallery business. In addition, members must participate in one or more gallery responsibilities, which may require up to six hours of their time each month in addition to their day(s) working at the gallery. Think about where your talents lie and what you would like to do for the gallery and let us know! Remember, the more effort you put into this (your) gallery, the more successful we will be.

Areas of interest may include:

  • Printing
  • Maintaining our mailing list (snail mail and email)Marketing & Design
  • Gardening
  • Painting, Maintenance and upkeep
  • Merchandising
  • Web design/maintenance
  • Schedule upkeep
  • Public Relations
  • Exhibit set-up and labelling
  • Selecting Committee artists only – jurying and selecting artists/art
  • See something missing that you can help us with? Let us know

Beyond gallery activities, we ask that maintain a good inventory, meeting gallery standards and that works displayed remain fresh and up to date. Varying the work on display at least quarterly helps keep the gallery interesting and invites visitors to come back often to see what’s changed.

Also, if you gain collectors as a result of the gallery we ask that you inform them when you have added new work to the gallery.

Artist Agreement for Displaying Artwork at the Gallery

All artists must agree to the following statement, upon delivering artwork of any kind to be displayed at the gallery: “I understand that I am supplying artwork to be displayed or stored at DAAS CO-OP Art Gallery & Gifts at my own risk and expense. DAAS Art Gallery LLC is under no obligation to repair or reimburse me for any loss or damage caused by any unforeseen situation outside of their control.”

 Artist Inventory Limit

Artists inventory consists of a maximum of ten (10) 2-D pieces. Print racks count as 2 pieces. Any 2-D artwork measuring over 36” is counted as 2 pieces. This inventory limit does not affect 3-D pieces for now, however the administration asks for courtesy and balance. Artwork can be rotated on a monthly basis and it is the artist’s responsibility to make sure all pieces submitted meet the **gallery standards.

Note: The membership agreement does not restrict the artist from showing their work elsewhere, but it does encourage certain exclusivity and respect. Member artists should have the courtesy to maintain a logical distance between the galleries that carry their work.

*Member Non-Working Artists are exempt from working at the gallery, but all other representation conditions apply.

**Gallery Standards list will be supplied to the artists upon selection.

Obtain a printed application at:

DAAS CO-OP Art Gallery & Gifts

1400 Colonial Blvd

STE 84

Fort Myers, FL 33907